Five years ago, a senior colleague (a South African) and I went out for a business trip in to one of the countrysides of Ethiopia to see if the project we used to supervise was going well. In one late afternoon, while we were on the field full of bushes and shrubs, my colleague disappeared from the scene and I was worried that something bad might happen to him given he was a complete stranger with no good grasp of the local language. After a few minutes of up and down searching, I found him safe sitting and talking with…

They say ‘Necessity’ is the mother of ‘Invention’ and ‘Opportunity’ is its father.

As in any society, Ethiopia needed cash but its business environment has never been sufficiently oriented that way. The digital apps, plugins or features we browse on a daily basis whether for business or fun are mostly developed by academic researchers or entrepreneurs sponsored and commercialized by market players anywhere else. Why not in Ethiopia?

At the very best, Ethiopian graduates come up with new ideas, concepts and demonstrations every year to serve their academic purposes yet we often do not hear continuation or upscaling of their…

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I personaly believe that today’s youth is born with tremendous opportunities but with constant distractions. Far and in betwen, select few decipher the code and navigate the complex journey to their advantage. The large mass are yet to take longer.

Back in the days when I was at primary and secondary schools, Temar Lijie was the driving motto. I now know that strong motivation has been steadily waning even if we know eduaction is even far important today and in the future. If we think we do not see the value of knowledge as most does these days, it is…

Part II


Left with a decade to meet SDG 7 goals, the current pace of electrification through to the last mile is far from sufficient. The world has to do better.

Among the SDG 7 targets, achieving universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy services (Target 7.1) is the one that has the most profound implication for Ethiopia having only 45% and less than 5% access to electricity and cooking services respectively.

SDG 7: Target 7.2 calls for substantial increase of the share of renewable energy in the energy mix. The most predictable positive development in Ethiopian Energy system is…

Part I

The 2020 edition of Tracking SDG 7: The Energy Progress Report that monitors and assesses attainments in the global quest for universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy by 2030 is out. The reports says, “Although the world continues to advance toward SDG 7, its efforts fall well short of the scale required to reach the goal by 2030 with a disturbing figure of 789 million people still without access to electricity and 3 billion people without access to clean cooking fuels(2018)”.

If as such is the global reality, what does the statistic show for Ethiopia specifically?

A helicopter view of the report clearly shows that Ethiopia is one of the 20 countries…

Internet+ COIV-19 Lock Downs

While we all have been trying to fit with the new lifestyle abruptly influenced and shaped by COVID-19 pandemic, then comes the internet lock down since the 30th of June 2020. Life has become really tougher. Throughout the COVID-19 lock down period, internet has been the get go for some of us who stayed home or to spend time with after the work hours. Attending webinars, reading, listening and watching what people has to say across the web was the new normal since the virus has been declared a pandemic.

Following the killing of Hachalu Hundesa, the famous Ethiopian singer…


You remember the famous quote from Peter Drucker that goes ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast, if not for lunch or dinner’. What about the saying ‘Culture is the glue that holds organizations, countries, or societies together’.

Well, every country has its own peculiar cultural lineage that keeps its constituents feel connected. Deeply rooted to its age old religious, cultural, historical and societal dimensions which was in a way kept secret to the other world, Ethiopia has its own taste of cultures and traditions which you may not find in other places. …

Tigabu Atalo

Project Manager, Renewable Energy Investment, PPP and Business Development Practitioner, Energy Access at the Core as a Primary Driver for What I Do.

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